#ISTE13 – The Moments that Matter

So after three years of having ISTE on my agenda, the stars finally aligned, and to San Antonio I went. Unsure what to expect, I just held on tight and was determined to enjoy the ride. Here are the moments I will take away and cherish for a lifetime…

#iste13 #istegram13 Here I come!


ISTE Group

When we start a 140 character connection with people, we never know what to expect. Luckily for me, I discovered I had made some of the wisest decisions one could make. While I sat across from Michelle Baldwin for a while without formally introducing myself, I realize now how much of an opportunity I wasted. When the ice broke I got to see that she is the most genuine, sweet person, in addition to being an truly amazing educator. The latter I knew long before #iste13, but having the chance to talk to her made me realize that these face to face conversations are so important as well.

Paula Naugle, what can I say… from Twitter PLN… to….

I just wanted to give her a big ole hug every time I saw her. Not only is she a star of #4thchat, and one great teacher, but she is the kindest soul.

The women of Edutopia became far more than a company I respected… they became real people, with real interests in making a difference in education.  Find me sporting my new Edutopia earbuds in the days to come!

Everyone in this picture was someone I met for the very first time… Everyone of them made me realize how important these relationships are to keeping us connected and learning as team.

Learning doesn’t have to happen in a session…

Haiku Deck


I was honored to be part of the HaikuDeck virtual team at #iste13. As a part of this, we had to opportunity to share what we love about Haiku Deck with others who were using it and looking for ideas, as well as some who were unfamiliar with what Haiku Deck was, and how they could use it. Not only did we get to learn on the floor of the Newbie Lounge, but we drew a crowd, filled with people I knew… people I didn’t know… and some AMAZING Australian influences! Monique Dalli  shared some great ideas… not to mention I LOVE hearing her talk! This crowd on the floor was what made #iste13 so great. These types of learning opportunities were happening everywhere in small groups. How powerful is that?

Learning Should Be Fun! 



Thanks to Discovery Education, that wasn’t a problem at all! I hear this picture made the big screen at #iste13! This shark gave us plenty of laughs, and reminded us that learning and fun go hand in hand. A message we need to keep in mind in this high stakes standardized testing world we live in!

Having Mentors Makes Us Stronger

Lisa Shelly


If you ask Lisa Dabbs who she looks up to, she will tell you Shelly Terrell . If you ask me who I look up to, I will tell you Lisa Dabbs. This picture to me shows that when you have someone to look up to, you grow into someone who can mentor others. I only hope that I can be a mentor to someone as  these women are to me. In this connected world, we have to lift one another up, perhaps virtually most of the year, but one face to face meeting can solidify a strong connection to last forever. What if each and every one of us committed to being that person for someone who is new or not yet a part of our connected learning communities? Just imagine…

So while these are just a few of the amazing things that the last four days held, they are ones I wanted to share. I hope to see you all in Atlanta next summer when ISTE comes to ME! In the mean time I will be making every effort to connect face to face with my PLN when I can!



5 thoughts on “#ISTE13 – The Moments that Matter

  1. Jamie,

    I am so grateful that we were able to connect at ISTE. Each time I saw you, I knew from your smile you were having a great ISTE experience. Supporting and mentoring each other virtually during the year is important, and having the F2F time just cements our relationships so they are even more concrete.

    You are so open and easy to talk to. I enjoyed each of our conversations. Thank you for the shout-out in your post. I look forward to collaborating with you this coming year and can’t wait for ISTE14.

  2. What a great testimony to the power of how flat our world is. It reminds me that just as our kids need powerful and meaningful connections outside our building or district- so do we as educators! The different ideas and input a PLN can bring, and connections and friendships through something like ISTE is amazing! I, too, loved my first ISTE conference; and although I didn’t get to meet you f2f, I am excited learning from you via technology!! 🙂

  3. Summer,
    What a great analogy! I totally agree that these global interactions are so important to stretch our thinking. Our students need this as well.


  4. Oh my gosh, Jaime. Please forgive me for spelling your name wrong in my previous comment. Lesson learned – don’t write a reply to a post when you are dog tired after returning home from an ISTE conference. LOL

  5. No worries Paula. I seemingly have two of the easiest misspelled names possible. I have adapted to a variety of spelling of both! 🙂

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