When You Can’t Run… Glide

So that carpool line time yesterday sure paid off for some great brainstorming with Allison Peterson (@alcp)  via the Glide App that I love so much!

Allison, like many of my Atlanta friends, works at a K-12 independent school with a vast campus. I was trying to think of some ways to make this an even more effective tool for instructional technology purposes, and then it came to me. Whether you are on a large K-12 campus or not, one of the challenges I hear from instructional technology coordinators, is that they can’t be everywhere at once. They can’t make every planning period for teachers, they can’t be in every classroom when something goes wrong, and someone panics, nor can they sit by their email all day answering questions about vaguely explained issues throughout the building. I won’t lie.. when I taught, I know I emailed my technology specialist and told her my “thingy” that connected to my computer didn’t work… Yep… I am sure that was the kind of email she loved to get. Who knows what “thingy” I was even talking about, let alone what I needed it to do. This is reality folks. In a perfect world, every staff person would be able to tell us that the VGA to HDMI cord was not working, which did not allow mirroring in the classroom. Let’s face it… what percentage of the staff could give you a thorough description of the problem, allowing you to troubleshoot with a line or two?

In comes Glide. You have the phone app…. they have the phone app  (or Tablet App).  No matter where you are, they can use Glide to not just tell you, BUT show you what the issue is in the classroom. You could literally be on the other side of campus, or not on campus at all, and have no need to run in those cute #shoesinedu. Rather, why not respond via Glide with suggestions based on what you see from the video. Perhaps they want a quick suggestion for a tool to use during their planning period. Again… Glide. They want to show you something the class is doing as a result of the great tech tips you gave them. GLIDE! The ideas can go on and on, but for me it is the convenience of being able to be so much more available to a staff. It also removes the translation lost in text via email, that we all know is a reality. Communication and Collaboration are my favorite of the 4 C’s since I am highly linguistic and interpersonal, but I feel they are the cornerstone to effective technology diffusion in schools. When a free video messaging app can allow us to focus on these two skills for the growth and development of a school integration plan, I have to say it is one we all need to look at. Work smarter, not harder friends. Reinvent how you get your tasks accomplished! Check out Glide!

Thanks Allison for pushing me to think yesterday!




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