Blog About #ISTE2014 – Well of Course as Everyone Else Did



So if you looked at this image and said… Jaime & Katie… wait, what…EduVue.. LadyGeeks… did they combine forces to take over the world… you would be on the right track! Well not exactly… but it was great to finally meet Katie and talk about our experiences with what our shows have taught us and how they have made us better while sometimes wearing us out. This conversation was one of soooo many I had at #iste2014, and that my friends is what made the event. I pulled my usual social butterfly move and avoided sitting in sessions like the plague. I talked to people I have known for years, and people I met for the first time at ISTE. I didn’t eat or drink enough, walked more than I do any week, and found myself drained when it was all said and done. That being said, I would do it all over again if I could.

ISTE in my city was great…. sorta. Yes I could sleep in my own bed, commute up whenever I chose to, and make my coffee just the way I liked it, but as you might expect there are downfalls. It felt like my life was going on and ISTE was just one of the things to make happen each day. It didn’t feel like last year at all. I didn’t make it to more than one evening event, and used the Atlanta traffic nightmare to dictate when I drove in and when I drove home. The lesson learned here is that if you are going to enjoy the whole event, you must stay at the event!

My final thoughts on this are simple… People made my week. Discussions on the vendor floor, in the bloggers cafe, and on the escalator still play over and over in mind. From the Atlanta connections I adore, to my international friends I rarely see, it is just so important to connect. For when you connect my friends, the learning doesn’t end on the last day of the conference, but rather continues all year long! So if you met new people at ISTE… stay in touch. If you saw old friends…. let them know how great it was to connect again and plan for the next time you will meet up and exchange ideas! Learning happens everyday, and ISTE just allows us to expand the group of people we will learn with each year. I am willing to bet those who were #notatiste even grew their PLN in that time. It is an amazing time to be in this field folks, so take advantage of what you can!

While I would love to give a shoutout to all who made my week… EdS final projects are calling my name… so please enjoy my flickr album that shows you who made me smile at #iste2014 🙂  PS… if you have a picture I don’t have in my album… please tweet it to me! @jaimevanderg 



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